What’s In My Pink Skincare Fridge!

Ok ok I have a pink skincare fridge. Lets talk about it!

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So I am obviously a skincare junkie, right? RIGHT! So I needed to up my game and permanently store my skincare in a cute little fridge that sits on my desk. Of course I’ve known about the amazing benefits of chilled skincare for a while, but I never kept up because it’s so annoying to walk to the kitchen after a warm shower just to get my skincare on. Why not replace this unrealistic routine into a permanent one with your very own mini fridge (even works in the car). No brainer, right?!

But wait, what does chilled skincare even do for your skin?

Well, it…

  • Increases product shelf life
  • De-puffs
  • Can even kick up some of the ingredients in your skincare
  • Provides a cooling & calming effect

So what should you store in your fridge…just skincare?

  • Anti-acne or medicated skincare products because if stored in wrong temperature environments can make the product less effective!
  • Natural skincare or beauty products because these aren’t formulated with any preservatives to elongate their shelf life so keeping them in your mini fridge will keep them from spoiling and even decrease bacteria from spreading. I keep my LUSH Oatifix fresh mask in my mini fridge!
  • Anti-itch cream because itchy skin craves something cold and soothing!
  • Sunscreen because once opened a warmer environment will decrease the effectiveness of the SPF!
  • Nail polish because the sun and warmer temperatures can break down the ingredients and cause the formula to thicken and sometimes even alter the color!

Besides the added benefits, what can be cuter than a pink skincare fridge in your bathroom filled with all your favorite products?!

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Now let’s talk about what I actually put in my fridge…

I love putting my Summer Friday’s JLM as a moisturizer because I love the cooling effect it has on my skin after a hot shower.

I also keep my Algenist Sleeping Collagen & Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask in there so I can get that calming and sometimes even tingling feeling as I mask in my sleep.

BUT, to be super transparent the best benefits of chilled skincare come from my eye products! I loveeee storing my ToGoSpa eye pads in there, my jade roller, and even my Origins eye cream. These really help with the illusion that I get 8-10 hours of sleep every night which is way better than my reality of like 5 hours cause I’m up working almost every single night!

It is my dream to have a huge pink skincare fridge (like this) in my beauty room when we buy a house. Hubby, if you’re reading this please make it happen. THNX. Love you!

Oh, and here are some fab mini fridges I found on Amazon:



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    1. I love love love mine and I love how affordable they are! Maybe now is the time to start 🙂

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