San Francisco City Guide

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of San Francisco?

For me, it’s the amazing memories I’ve shared with my family the countless times we’ve all been there, especially the ones with my dad. It’s also the amazing food and the incredible restaurants he’d take us to. He was a total foodie and it’s like he could sniff out the BEST spots by just looking at a restaurant. I also remember driving up and down the steep city streets and it was just so much fun. It’s safe to say San Francisco is one of my favorite cities and I have some of my fondest memories there.

I had never been with my husband so I decided to surprise him for a little getaway for his 31st birthday. We decided to fly out and rent a car so we could get around as we pleased…I highly recommend renting a car if you aren’t making the drive out there. It’s one of those cities you definitely WANT to drive in.

Let’s dive into the guide shall we?!

Where to stay?

I’ve been to countless hotels in San Francisco and the best one hands down has to be Hotel Spero. For one, it’s located in the heart of the city right at Union Square, which is where all the shopping happens. I especially loved the historic yet modern vibe of the whole place (very Instagramable) AND the customer service was impeccable! The room was chic, cozy, and had the best views of the city. A good view is so important for me and my husband when we travel because it just sets the tone of the city and it’s magical. I got ready in front of the window every morning (my IG fam knows from my mini tutorials haha).

This hotel also had such a cool feature which I had never seen before and it was a Scent Concierge. It was basically a little corner in the lobby that showcased 4 scents (one smelling better than the other) that you could choose to have in your room, adding the perfect scent to your stay. I chose the agave scent and it set the sweet tone to our fab getaway.

P.S. They are a pet & environmentally friendly hotel. Check out all their sustainability efforts here.

Where to eat?

The food scene in SF is undeniable, especially when it comes to their seafood. Oh man, I think we tried clam chowder and oysters everywhere we went.

Best view…

I went to our usual spot, The Franciscan Crab Restaurant, and had the skillet shrimp and crab which is a must! We also had oysters which were so fresh (love them with a little bit of Tapatio and lemon) and the best part was the gorgeous views of the bay while we dined. I highly suggest going during sunset, I mean common look at that view!

A panoramic view of the gorgeous sunset

Best clam chowder….

Hands down Boudin Bakery wins the best clam chowder award from me. Bread bowl clam chowder is a must try in San Francisco, it’s literally their specialty and every restaurant has their own version of it. Some are too “seafoody” some are too bland and some are just not good but this clam chowder is amazing every time! Their olive bread is also to die for!

Best restaurant…

My husband and I both agree that the best restaurant we went to was Fog Harbor Fish House. Oh my god their food was amazing, and I mean everything we ate was amazing. We devoured the calamari, bread bowl clam chowder, oysters, and mussel fries. My mouth is watering just remembering the food here. If you go anywhere in SF please make sure it’s here I swear you WILL NOT regret it. We regret not going back here before our flight.

These mussel fries were to die for!!!!!!!!

Best dessert…

Ghirardelli Square is the place to be if you have a sweet tooth. They are always busy and always packed but the minute you taste your sundae you’ll forget it all. Check out their menu here.

What to see?

  • Golden Gate Bridge– driving on it is just as magical as seeing it from afar.
  • Golden Gate Park– this park is bigger than Central Park in NYC and it is breathtaking!
  • Japanese Tea Garden– try their jasmine tea and mochi!
  • Russian Hill– go during the day and drive down the zig-zag road, best view of the city, awesome picture spot, and fun to drive down.
  • Alcatraz– I’ve never been because I’ve never really been that interested to see the inside of the jail but I hear it’s a cool adventure and you get to learn all about the island.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf & Pier 39– these are both walking distance from each other so park at Fisherman’s Wharf (they have a 2 hour free parking lot) and walk to Pier 39 and eat at Fog Harbor.

What To Do?

  • Segway Tours– these looked super cool and they have them at different parts of the city (Fisherman’s Wharf, the Park, on the streets)
  • Ride A Cable Car– this experience is really fun!
  • Cruise the Bay– make sure you dress warm for the boat ride because it gets pretty chilly but the views are worth it!
  • 7D Experiencethis was the only fun thing we could do lol it’s actually really cool and we played a few times.

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide and you refer back to it the next time you’re in San Francisco! Safe travels babes!



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      1. Oh please do the park is definitely a must when you go back and maybe even a quick tour around the bay 🙂

    1. I normally stay 2 nights and 3 days but it honestly just depends on what kind of a traveler you are. My husband and I really like to relax on trips so even if we stayed longer we would enjoy it but if you like to explore form morning to night then 3 days is perfect because it is a very small city.

  1. Always so thorough. I’ve been but am going back soon again, can’t wait to try some new things. ❤️

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