Postpartum Girdle

I posted a photo wearing my Postpartum Girdle and got so many DM’s on which one I was wearing so I figured I do a blog post about it. IMG_9575

When I was pregnant a lot of my friends and family suggested I purchase a girdle and use it soon after birth. I know most doctors advise you to wait at least 6 weeks for the uterus to shrink but everyone said my stomach will probably start to loosen by then to the point of no return. That scared me, so I did my research on which girdle to purchase. Based on all the reviews this was the best girdle on the internet for postpartum women. I liked it because it had adjustments down there and on the stomach which I thought was convenient. It was also advertised as a post c-section girdle and I figured if I had to have an emergency c-section then at least I would have a girdle to support that. Didn’t end up having a c-section, although I wish I had since my labor was traumatic AF, but I did use the corset regardless. My hospital gave me this white band that you tie around your stomach and it was stretchy and so comfortable and that’s what I used every single day for a few weeks because the girdle was just way too painful for the first month after birth. Once the band started to get way too loose I transitioned into the girdle, and although it was uncomfortable I forced myself because I did not want a loose stomach (#beautyispain)! I would wear it most of the day until it started to get really uncomfortable. When I stopped wearing it, after a month of wearing it almost every single day, I started to notice my stomach loosen. I freaked out and now I’m back to wearing it every day and the difference is crazy, this stuff really works.

I would suggest this product over the wrap-around bands because when you move around the band starts to cut through your skin and rise up making your love handles stick out. But this pull-up takes care of your love handles AND goes all the way up to under your breasts so it takes care of any back fat you might have (major plus).

Just some tips before purchasing:

  • This does run small so make sure you follow the measurement guide before purchasing (I ordered medium and it fits perfectly)
  • Wear it everyday if you want to notice a difference
  • Wear it sooner rather than later after birth
  • I would suggest wearing it and walking around versus sitting all the time because it does tend to move down when you sit (you just need to pull it back up)
  • You can sleep in this, I did this on days when I didn’t have time to wear it or I forgot, not very comfy but I think it still counts lol (or at least it does in my head)

I hope that answers all your postpartum girdle questions, comment below if you have any more.

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