Holiday Gift Guide: From YOU For YOU!

Happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to day EIGHT of my 12 day gift guide. Today’s list is all about YOU. I think all women should treat themselves to a nice gift this holiday season because, well we deserve it! Women are the hardest working people I know, and the smartest too. We run businesses better, we take care of our families, and we shop smarter haha! We’re just all around amazing! So you know what, treat yourself. Splurge and get yourself something nice that will make you happy.

Live a little, you deserve it.

& don’t forget to use Ebates for cashback!


Holiday Gift Guide: Designer Bags *SALE*


Welcome to day SEVEN of my 12 day gift guide. I have been up all morning hunting for the best designer bag sales based on price point and I am pretty damn proud of what I’ve found. Almost everything is brand new but there are some items from TheRealReal (pre-owned but great condition). All websites are also legitimate authenticated websites so you should have no worries checking out, should you choose to purchase something for yourself or a loved one. 

Ok ok if you are a label girl then I’ll shut up and let you shop and text links to your hubby lol! 

P.S. Don’t forget that some of these sites offer cashback so you can save EVEN MORE than the sales below with Ebates.

Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Girl

Welcome to day SIX of my 12 day gift guide. Yesterday I had an entire post dedicated to baby boys so it’s only fair that todays guide is dedicated to baby girls. Obviously I don’t have a daughter but I have nieces that I loveeeee to shop for. Girls are just so much fun! I found some amazing deals on designer items in all categories so this is going to be a good one! 

Don’t forget to use Ebates so you can get some cashback and please note I’m only listing sizes N-24 months.

Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Boy

Cheers to day FIVE of my 12 day gift guide. I have been feeling horrible all day, caught some sort of bug or virus and haven’t left my bed, but the guide must go on. That’s how much I love you all!

This guide is extra special because it is dedicated to baby boys. Most of you know that I have a one-year old son and he is the apple of my eye. I am crazy obsessed with boy clothes but also a little crazy upset that stores don’t have many options for boys. In fact I can never walk into the mall and find him an outfit without having sharks or dinosaurs all over it. I do most of my shopping for him online and here are some of my picks based on your budget.

Oh, and don’t forget to use Ebates so you can get cashback on most sites.

Note: I’m listing sizes N-24 months

Holiday Gift Guide: New Home

It’s the FOURTH day of my 12 day gift guide series and I hope I still have your attention haha. This guide is going to be catered to anyone moving (or has moved) into a new home. Moving into a new environment calls for some major clean-out. Out with the old and in with the new. But also, most people don’t know what to get since there are so many new gadgets and supplies on the market. I’ve come up with a list of goodies that I personally love and would gift any new mover on my holiday list.

Here is my guide to getting the perfect gift for someone with a new home for the holidays:

Holiday Gift Guide: New Mom

Day THREE of my 12 day gift guide is catered to all the new mamas out there. I know first hand how exhausting and stressful life can get becoming a new mother and I also know that it’s important to feel as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

When Levon was first born I had a lot of help from my mom and mother in law and it was so nice to have a another hour of sleep when they were around. In fact, it was crucial because it helped me function and feel better. They would cook, clean, and go on walks with me. I vividly remember stepping out into the fresh air and feeling instantly relaxed. I was in pain and tired but dragging myself outside and getting my body moving gave me so much clarity.  

Here are my biggest tips for all of YOU:

  • Keep yourself stress-free.
  • Calm your body & mind every chance you get.
  • Get moving!
  • Enjoy moments of ‘ME’ time. 

Now here’s my list to help you achieve these: