Dewy Skin w/ Any Foundation

Imagine you could achieve beautifully glowing skin with any foundation you have. Would you believe me if I told you all you needed was 1 product to transform your foundation?

About a few months ago I was invited to a Nude Skincare beauty event in LA and in my goodie bag came their Rescue Oil. One of the makeup artists I met there, Tasha Brown, told me she loved mixing this oil in with her foundations to give her clients a beautiful glow. I put her technique to use and I couldn’t be more thankful. Coming from someone who has dry skin this trick looks absolutely amazing, and it feels amazing too.

Here’s what you do…

Step 1

DSC06887.jpgWhat you want to do is pick a foundation that isn’t already dewy. For example the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is already a luminous foundation so adding more oil to it will just make it slide right off. You want something oil-free, matte, or with a satin finish. You can also use this technique with heavy cream foundations to sheer it out.

Step 2

blog.jpgOnce you have your foundation, I’m using my Frankie Rose Matte Perfection Foundation which I absolutely LOVE because it gives me full coverage and a flawless finish, you pump some out on the back of your hand or on an acrylic plate. Then, you add a few drops off the Rescue Oil. You add the oil according to the amount of coverage your foundation already has and how much you want to sheer it out. Keep in mind that the more oil you add the more it will sheer out the foundation. This Frankie Rose foundation is a full coverage foundation and to give me sheer coverage I add 3-4 drops of oil, to give me just a glow I add 1-2. This obviously varies with different formulas & foundations.

Step 3

blogg.jpgI then take my Royal & Langnickel Foundation Brush and mix the two together.

Step 4

DSC06936.jpgFinally, you apply! As you can see in this picture we turned a matte foundation into a gorgeous dewy one.


I have tried this technique with a few of my other foundations and it’s magical; I love the effect and it photographs beautifully. I would recommend this technique for anyone with normal to dry skin, NOT oily. Anyone with oily skin should stick to a matte foundation for opulent coverage and longevity. If you have a severe case of combination skin, meaning you are very oily in the t-zone and very dry everywhere else, then you can use this only on the dry areas for hydration. I would also recommend using two different types of primers, mattifying for your t-zone and hydrating for the dry areas.

I’m sure you can also try this method with different types of oils, however I find that most facial oils are a little too heavy (i.e. Coconut Oil, Argan Oil). This oil is lightweight, beneficial for your skin, it doesn’t make your makeup slide off, it hydrates your skin, and it looks beautiful. I truly couldn’t ask for more in a beauty oil. I have a bunch of other oils from Nude Skincare that I use for my nighttime regime and I love it, their ingredients are pure and truly nourishing.

If you happen to try this technique leave me a comment down below & let me know how you like it.

P.S. Here is a video of me using this technique.



Sephora Must-Haves + 15% OFF!

OMG, Sephora is having another sale!!!!! This happens once or twice a year and it is the only time you can spend like a celebrity and nobody can say anything about it, not even your husband haha.

Given that I am a certified beauty addict, my Sephora must-haves list is pretty long but oh so necessary! I went over my “Purchases” & my makeup collection and picked out my ride-or-die beauty products. I will talk a little bit about each product and why you need it in your life. You can thank me later 🙂

Lets begin:

Giorgio Armani- Luminous Silk Foundation This is the best foundation EVER created for all normal-dry skin girls. I have gone through BOTTLES of this. Yes, it’s expensive but please please please trust me when I say it is worth every penny and if it was 3x the price I would still purchase it. Oh, and the shades are super tricky so I would suggest swatching it before purchasing.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder is a ride-or-die and looks like perfection paired with the foundation. Nothing compares to this duo.
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Powder  This is one of the best brow powders on the market and it’s practically all I use on a my brows. I am in the shade “Taupe.”
Benefit- Gimmi Brow Since we are on the topic of brows, this baby is perfect for anyone with sparse eyebrows. I use this on days I don’t want to do my brows but still want them to look slightly fuller & tamed. I even use them on days where I do define my brows, so it’s definitely a versatile product.
First Aid Beauty- Face Cleanser I have tried MANY cleansers in my life and I always go back to this one. It has been my favorite face cleanser for years and I don’t think I will ever replace it. It takes off all my makeup, doesn’t break me out, and it doesn’t dry me out. I am stocking up on this during the sale ✔️
Kat Von D- Shade + Light Contour Palette This palette is perfect for all my fair skin girls and even some of my medium skin girls (olive undertones avoid this). The yellow shade is so amazing I always use it after I set my under eyes & the first two bronzer shades are just gorgeous…not too ashy not too muddy, just right!
Benefit- Rollerlash I have gone through so many tubes of the mascara, I absolutely love it because it doesn’t transfer onto my skin, it doesn’t crumble, and it lasts all day long! My lashes aren’t every long but when I curl it and apply a few coats of this baby they look
Josie Maran- Pure Argan MILK Hydrating Treatment I used to apply this all over my skin almost every night and it worked magic on my dry/dull skin. I would wake up to baby soft glowing skin. I finished my second bottle and branched out to try something else but this is definitely worth a try. P.S. I will have my new skincare routine up soon.
Hourglass Gel Eye Liner is the best eyeliner I have ever used. My good friend Rob (@facesbyrob) introduced it to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. It glides on, doesn’t smudge, and it is pitch black. You won’t ever use another eyeliner again, guaranteed!
Bobbi Brown- Highlighting Powder  If you are looking for a gorgeous pink highlight then look no further. If there is one highlight I cherish in my collection it’s “Pink Glow” from Bobbi Brown. I literally LOVE this highlight. Just please do me a favor and purchase this. Thank you 🙂
Hourglass- Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder I use this strobe powder when I want my skin to have a gorgeous healthy glow. Sometimes I even use it under my eyes over my setting powder to brighten up and give a nice subtle sheen. I have the shade “Brilliant,” it’s perfect for light to light/medium skin tones.
L’Occitane- Hand Cream This product is one of the best hand creams on the market. It is moisturizing and it seeps into the skin fairly quickly while leaving your hands soft, NOT greasy. I can’t say I use this every night, because I always forget to apply hand cream, but when my hands get dry this is my go-to.
Stila- Eyes Are The Window Palette Those of you who follow me on Insta know I always use this palette. It is the perfect collection of matte shadows and the texture of these are amazing.
Tarte-  Tartelette 2 In Bloom Since we are on the topic of eyeshadow palettes this has to be on my must-haves list. It is the newest palette from the Tartelette collection and it is everythingggggg. The colors are so pigmented, so creamy, and just perfection. The original Tartelette Palette is just as amazing.
Anastasia Beverly Hills- Liquid Lipstick I recently tried ABH liquid lipsticks and I think they are one of the best formulas I have tried. They are very creamy, pigmented, and not drying AT ALL! They also last a very long time. “Pure Hollywood” is a good first shade to purchase, it is a gorgeous nude.
Urban Decay- Naked Concealer This is another great concealer that I love. It is a full coverage concealer that feels very lightweight under the eyes. The applicator on this is very convenient as well.
Vera Mona- Color Switch I almost forgot to mention this product because they just launched in Sephora but I purchased from their website maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I still have it and I still use it every single day. If you don’t know what this is it is basically a dry sponge that allows you to switch eyeshadow colors using only one brush. Meaning you can dip into a dark brown shadow with your brush, then twirl your brush on the sponge and you basically have a shadow-free brush again.

That is it for my list beauties I hope it was helpful & you added some of my suggestions into your cart 💁🏼

Anyone who is a VIB Rouge member will have access to the sale beginning tomorrow, April 7th, and first-access ends April 13th. If you lost your 15% off ticket then you can use the Promo Code “ROUGENOTE” at checkout.

I would also like to note that you can get 4% cash back with any Sephora purchases you make through Ebates. It is the easiest way to earn back money for being an online shopper. You simply go on Ebates, click on the Sephora store and press “Shop Now.” It redirects you straight to the Sephora website and once you complete your purchase you automatically get 4% cash back from that amount. No hassle. No bull****. I promise you it’s legit, I use it every time I shop on Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, you name it.

Happy Shopping!




Japonesque: Kumadori Brushes

Like most #makeupaddicts I am a brush fanatic as well. I mean it’s only natural right? You can’t do much without the right tools. I have about 200+ makeup brushes and I promise you, I use them all! So when the amazing Japonesque team sent me their new Kumadori brush set I was thrilled to try their new Kabuki brushes- inspired by Japanese stagecraft tradition. I have been using these babies for about a month now and they have easily become one of my daily favorites!



Blends products easily

Deposits color beautifully

Soft bristles


Comfortable to hold




Kumadori Blending Brush

I use this little fluff of amazingness to contour & bronze up my face and I seriously don’t see myself going back to an angled brush for a very very very long time! That is how phenomenal this brush is; it’s the perfect size, it blends your powder products out seamlessly, and it’s travel friendly.

It’s safe to say I am #obsessed

Kumadori Buffing Brush

This brush is ideal when using cream or liquid products and buffing it into the skin. The soft synthetic bristles don’t allow the creams or liquids to stick onto the brush so they deposit a good amount of coverage onto the skin.

Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush

This brush and the one below are game-changers when it comes to applying blush! Let me start by saying that I love blush, but not a lot of it. I like for it to seamlessly blend in with my bronzer and this brush (plus the one below) does just that. I’m referring to both because I use them interchangeably; this one is just a bit smaller so you can use it if you have a smaller frame. I just use whichever one I get my hands on first.

P.S. I also use this for highlighting.

Kumadori Powder Brush

As I mentioned above I love this brush for blush but I also love it for applying loose & pressed powder. Just like all the other Kumadori brushes it gives me a flawless application and blends like a dream!

Kumadori Fan Brush

Last but not least we have this slim fan brush for highlighting. To be completely honest, I don’t use this brush often only because I’m not a fan brush fan. I always use tapered fluffy brushes (like the Contour & Highlight one above) to apply and blend out my highlighter. I have definitely tried this one and its just as amazing as all the other brushes in the collection but I rarely use it due to my personal preference. BUTTTTTT if you are a fan brush user give this baby a try 🙂

Side Note: Ulta is currently having a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sale on all Japonesque products so hurry while the offer lasts.



Natural Brow Routine!

When it comes to brows I am not one to enjoy a heavily defined brow, especially on myself. I can definitely appreciate a beautiful brow however, I am extremely picky when it comes to my brows. I find that because my facial features are more on the soft side a harsh brow merely looks vulgar and just TOO MUCH!

It can be tricky figuring out the right kind of brow technique for your brows, that is why practice is key. Remember, your brows shape your face and they bring your entire makeup look together. If you have been blessed with beautifully thick brows then just know that I am VERY JELOUS! I have brows that never grow. In fact I get them threaded every 2 months. EVERY. TWO. MONTHS! Crazy right? I go by Tammy in Burbank, CA she is my tried & true brow guru (I will list her contact information below).

As for my every changing brow routine, here are the steps and products I use to create my version of a natural brow 🙂

I am a firm believer in brow powder and I find that everyone from thick brows to thin needs to have one in their makeup collection. I cannot tell you what a beautiful & natural look a brow powder gives your brows; especially, if you use the right shade! I’ll be quite honest and say that if you have medium to dark brows you can totally get away with using eyeshadows to fill them in. However, if you have light brown or blonde brows you definitely need to invest in a brow powder because the lighter your hairs the more visible the product and the wrong shade can easily ruin your brows.

I personally love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo because it come with two shades to ensure a naturally blended brow color. You always want to use the lighter shade at the beginning of your brow (constantly combing it through with a spooly) and the darker shade from the middle to the end of your brow. When using brow powder you want to use a feathering technique, meaning you apply and flick out to create faux brow hairs for a natural look. You also want to use a great brush!

DSC06091These are the two brushes I use to do my brows. I have been using the Royal & Langnickel Brow Brush foreverrrr now and it is one of my absolute favorites. It’s affordable and amazing quality.

I recently started using the PUR Cosmetics Brow Brush and I like it as well. The only difference between the two brushes is that the PUR one is made out of synthetic fibers and the other one is made out of natural hair. They both work great and I use them both interchangeably.

I recently bought the Kat Von D Tattoo Brow in “Blonde” and have been using it for a few months now and I must say I really really like it. I find that if you have really sparse brows you can mimic real brow hairs in those areas a lot better with this product. It is very lightweight yet totally buildable and it has a precise tip which makes it a lot easier.

A brow gel is another must have product when it comes to brows. Whether you have thick brows or thin you definitely want a brow gel to keep those brow hairs in place. I love the Elizabeth Mott Brow Gel in “Light/Medium” to tame my brows and keep them in place all day. I used to use the Benefit Gimmi Brow ALL THE TIME and I still love that product but this has easily become one of my favorites. The best part is that since the company sponsors my Makeup Tonight classes I have a coupon code you guys can use. YAYY!!!

Enter coupon code “MAKEUPTONIGHT” at checkout for 25% off your first purchase. Oh, and I am also a huge fan of their eyeshadows and eye pencils!


The last thing crucial in my brow routine is a gorgeous brow bone highlight. This Sumita Brow Highlighter is everything!!!!!! It is a gorgeous icy white color (not too overpowering on my light skin) that lifts and shapes the arch of my brow beautifully. It has a gorgeous sheen to it and once you blend it out with your fingers it becomes a lot more subtle. You can also use eyeshadow in lieu of a highlighter pencil.

Continue reading “Natural Brow Routine!”

Best Drugstore Concealer.

This swatch is shade “10-Light.” I use this shade to conceal and shade “01-Fair” to highlight.

Have you been on the market for a drugstore concealer and they are just not pigmented, crease, or simply DON’T WORK? Look no further, I have discovered the most amazing drugstore concealer, maybe ever?


Dear Maybelline,

THANK YOU from all beauty junkies worldwide for creating a creamy, perfectly opaque, creaseless, & affordable concealer!


All jokes aside, this stuff is amazing! If you have normal-dry under eyes this is going to be better than smearing a bunch of eye cream on before applying concealer. Trust me. I have gone through 2 tubes of this, and believe it or not I prefer it over my high-end concealers. It covers, it blends, and it gives a youthful glow. I mean common what more can a girl ask for?

ONE TIP: You must must must set this concealer if you want it to be creaseless, I prefer a loose setting powder (Laura Mercier).

Because the consistency is so creamy and blendable it is bound to crease, that is why setting it is crucial. You also don’t need too much of this, a thin layer is the perfect amount. Overloading on this product will increase the chances of it creasing that much more! Also keep in mind that this is not a heavy nighttime concealer. It is very lightweight and thus more appropriate for a “natural” makeup look.

Overall, it is definitely worth a try. It is only $6.99 *GASP* and most of the time you can find it on sale for even cheaper *GASP AGAIN*

Purchase Here

If you have this concealer comment below with your thoughts 🙂




Girlactik Eye Glaze Swatches, Review, & Coupon Code!

If you guys have been following my Instagram (or blog) for a while then you already know how I feel about the brand Girlactik. I absolutely love their beauty products! Their matte lip paints are my #1 favorite thing about them but then there’s also their Face Glow’s, BB Creams, Eye Shadows, and pretty much everything else!

Today I have swatches and a review on their eye glazes…ALL COLORS!

I have been using these eye glaze’s for a while now and I love it! They are such an easy alternative to shimmer shadows because there’s no fall out and you don’t have to use another product (such as glitter glue) to bind the shimmers together. My technique of applying it is simple as well. I like to apply the product applicator directly onto my lid, then blend it out with my fingers. I find that a synthetic brush takes in too much product and gives a patchy application; so fingers work best in my opinion. If you just dab the product around you can move it anywhere around your lid. Although this product doesn’t move or crease once it’s dry, I still recommend using an eye primer underneath it to ensure it’s durability.

Below I have swatches of all eight colors in natural light w/o flash and in natural light w/ flash. Keep in mind that the colors may look different depending on your skin tone.

In Natural Light W/O Flash! Top to Bottom: Sexy, Night, Fierce, Chic, Glamour, Shine, Shimmer, & Glam



In Natural Light W/ Flash! Top to Bottom: Sexy, Night, Fierce, Chic, Glamour, Shine, Shimmer, & Glam

You can purchase these products & more on Girlactik

Use code: “Greta15” for 15% off your entire order!

Also, if you spend $75 or more you get a free Girlactik product 🙂

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!