Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around I think of what to buy the best mama in the world. She’s a wine lover, so maybe some nice wine glasses? Or maybe something personalized with pictures of us, like a calendar? Oh, and by us I mean the baby. No one cares about me anymore (eye roll). Whatever it is, I put a lot of thought into it because my mom deserves it.

I think the best “gifts” are ones you really put some thought into, something that has some sort of meaning behind it. I mean things are nice but they are even nicer when they provide the person with an emotional response.

So here’s my list of Mother’s Day gifts for every mom at every age.


…for the older mama that needs a little self-love


…for the beauty loving mama

Workout Necessities

…for the mama that kicks ass at the gym

Doggy Goods

…for the mama who loves her pup

Travel Necessities

…for the jet-setter mama

Home Decor

…for the stylish mama

Kitchen Appliances

…for the mama who loves to cook

Cheese Board

…for the mama who loves wine and cheese

Office Decor

…for the hard working mama who loves a snazzy desk


…for the mama who likes to stay organized

Comfy Stuff

…for the mama who loves to stay in

Coffee Machine

…for the mama who needs a morning wake-me-up 

Pamper At Home

…for the mama that needs a little R&R32.jpg

Wait, there’s a service out there that bring professionals to my house to do my hair and nails? As in, I don’t have to get a baby sitter to get a mani pedi? So I don’t have to wait a week with fugly nails and I can do it NOW? Umm, sign me up!

Glamsquad offers at home beauty services for reasonable prices in:

And by reasonable prices, I really mean reasonable! You pay $45 to get a shitty blowout at Drybar (not including tip) and for just $50 you get an experienced hairstylist to give you a bomb blowout, at home! Genius, right?! Click here for $25 off your first service.

Spa Treatment

…for the hard-working mama


I live for spa days and I think it’s the best way to relax and renew the mind. I always leave the spa with a clear mind and a relaxed body. If my husband is reading this, please take me to the spa for Mother’s Day, thanks babe. Oh, and a Chanel bag would be nice too. Just kidding.

…not really.


…for the mama that loves to shop, aka all moms

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 1.19.03 PM.png

Gift cards are perfect if you don’t have time and can’t decide on what to buy.


…for the mama who loves a personal touch

Shutterfly is my go to destinations for a sentimental and personalized gift. I love making custom photobooks or calendars filled with sweet memories.


Happy Mother’s Day

to all the amazing, hard-working, loving, caring, trendsetting, and all-things-wonderful mamas out there.

You guys rock!

Being a mom is not easy but it sure is rewarding, especially on Mother’s Day 😉




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