Memories That Will Last A Lifetime + The Perfect Gift!

It’s 2018 and I can pretty much guarantee that we all have over 20,000 pictures in our phones. If you have kids, you probably have like 50,000- LOL. Most of us have iCloud or back up our photos on the computer because these are memories we want to cherish forever. But what about when we want to browse through memory lane, is it easily assessable? For an avid iCloud user like me who pays for 2TB storage every month it is and it isn’t. I need to be on wifi in order to access my 55,000 pictures (don’t judge lol) and sometimes it gets annoying because I can’t find the picture I’m looking for.

Next best option?


But not the old school ones where you print your grainy pictures at CVS and shove them into a 50 slot album. Then double shove them into one slot because, well you have more than 50 pictures. Do people still do this? I sure don’t…I’ve upgraded to a better, easier, and more organized option- Photo Books!

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Agh, photo books are the most satisfying project I do every now and then. I’m a super anal person and I like things to look a certain way so I like to design them myself- which is super easy to do! However, if you don’t have the time, patience, or creativity then you can have one of the many talented designers at Shutterfly make one for you. You’re probably about to exit out of this blog post because this already adds up to a crazy amount that’s just not worth it right? WRONG! Just keep reading.

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I have been using Shutterfly as my ONLY platform to print quality, long lasting, and inexpensive photo books for about a year now. I’ve recommend it to every single person I know, and they have recommended it to every single person they know. It’s that good! I mean common have I ever steered you wrong?

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.28.03 PM
This is how inexpensive it is to create your own Photo Book!

Here are my biggest tips when it comes to purchasing a Photo Book from Shutterfly:

1. Wait until they have a sale

Shutterfly ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has sales, especially on their photo books. About 90% of the time it’s 50% off but the best deals are when they offer “50% off photo books, extra pages & upgrades.” Black Friday is coming up so get your images ready for that day!

2. Designing made easy

It is super easy to come up with your own designs, they provide everything for you (shapes, symbols, fonts, templates, etc). I’m super simple so most of the time, especially if I’m doing an album for a photoshoot, I just like to have pictures with little to no design, just images. They have templates for that too. All you do is upload your pictures and input them into the template you chose. EASY!

3. Order gifts at least 2 weeks in advance

A personalized gift is the best gift you can give someone. It’s way more sentimental than any material object. I love gifting photo books to friends and family because I get to put all of our memories in a sweet book. What’s better than that?

4. Phone images print really well

If all the images you have are from your cellphone don’t worry because they don’t come out blurry and crappy (unless the picture itself is blurry and crappy lol). Your book gets printed by a commercial printer which is powerful and gives you the best quality.

5. Never waste hundreds of dollars on ordering “professional” photo books from your photographer

The only expensive photo book I have in my house is my wedding album because it came with the package I purchased from my photographer. More often than not these cost hundreds of dollars and only include a few images. Why waste your money on a few images when you can print all the images you have from your event? All of Levon’s professional photoshoots (about 200 pictures) get printed into photo books for less than $100.

6. My perfect book is 11 x 8 and hardcover

This is pretty much the size of regular printer paper and it looks just like a book. It’s perfect in my opinion.


With that said, I’d like to offer you a


Photo Book!

OH, and don’t forget to use Ebates so you can get cash back on all your online orders! They now have an easy toolbar download so once you go on a website that Ebates offers cashback, you can automatically activate it and continue shopping.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 2.05.26 PM
I recently downloaded the Ebates toolbar (check the top left corner where you input the URL) and it has made saving money that much easier. I would always forget to utilize my Ebates account before I had the toolbar but just this week I got $145 back from all my online shopping!!!!

Imagine you buy whatever you’re going to buy anyways except you actually get a percentage of the amount you paid BACK! How cool is that! You’d be crazy not to use this awesome service.

Happy photo book designing & shopping ladies!




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