Amazing lip products under $9? Show me!

YES, you read the title correctly. It says UNDER $9 and amazing! Truly though I haven’t tried liquid lipsticks that are under, heck even $10, that are as amazing as these.

Lets talk about the brand, Jontéblu. They are a new cosmetic line that sell affordable yet high-quality beauty products. They have a fabulous collection of lip products, which I will introduce you to in just a minute,  incredible eyeliners (the kind that stay on during labor, sleep, and showers lol), and even brow pencils. I’m sure  you’re dying to see those eyeliners by now. Don’t worry I will show them to you guys during one of our snapchat (snap code to the rightfullsizerender) conversations 😉.


Let’s jump into the swatches!




I love the clear tube these lippies comes in.

Top – Bottom: “Turned On, Boy Crazy, Malted Chocolate, Exposed Secret, Wild Romantic, Dear Diary, Drunk Maid, Seduction Master, Crazy Horse”

These stunning liquid lipsticks are:


Besides all that, do you want to know the best part. Have you guys seen Jaclyn Hill’s snaps or even videos where she talks about butt-hole lips. Awkward, I know.

Found this on google to better prove my point lol

But seriously  it’s a struggle. For those of your reading this and scratching your head, let me fill you in. Butt-hole lips are when you have a dark lippie on and the inner rim of your lips is missing lipstick. Most liquid lipsticks do this, especially a dark lip. However, these liquid lipsticks DON’T! So they are all of the above + NO BUTT-HOLE LIPS!

Here’s a little demo of the application:




Top – Bottom: “Mila, Adriana, Alexandra, Valentina, Ophelia, and Dahila”

My first impression? Amazing pigmentation.


In a world of liquid lipsticks we forget to appreciate a great lipstick. I usually wear lipsticks when I want a bomb nude because it’s harder to find liquid lipsticks that have the nude of your choice that isn’t drying and just the right color. There’s something about the color white (the white brightens the color at hand during formulation in the lab) that tends to over-dry the lips. That is why most nude liquid lipsticks are drying or even separate. Sometimes to overcompensate for the dryness of the nude, labs add oil to the formula which then causes separation in the product. I know way too much about products, I know.

What I enjoy is that these lipsticks are matte on the lips but still have a slight sheen, as you can see in the pictures and videos.




Top – Bottom: “Beige, Natural, Dark Natural, Brown Sugar, 4k Beige, Dusty Rose, Hot Pink, Raspberry, Burgundy, Hot Red”

I love me a good lip liner. Especially one that I can wear as a lipstick, and this is one of those liners.


The color “Natural” is all I’ve been wearing this past week. It literally feels like a true matte lipstick. Oh, and I plan to wear “Hot Pink” all summer long.

Jontéblu Website

If you purchase any Jontéblu products be sure to comment down below and share your thoughts 🙂




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