Japonesque: Kumadori Brushes

Like most #makeupaddicts I am a brush fanatic as well. I mean it’s only natural right? You can’t do much without the right tools. I have about 200+ makeup brushes and I promise you, I use them all! So when the amazing Japonesque team sent me their new Kumadori brush set I was thrilled to try their new Kabuki brushes- inspired by Japanese stagecraft tradition. I have been using these babies for about a month now and they have easily become one of my daily favorites!



Blends products easily

Deposits color beautifully

Soft bristles


Comfortable to hold




Kumadori Blending Brush

I use this little fluff of amazingness to contour & bronze up my face and I seriously don’t see myself going back to an angled brush for a very very very long time! That is how phenomenal this brush is; it’s the perfect size, it blends your powder products out seamlessly, and it’s travel friendly.

It’s safe to say I am #obsessed

Kumadori Buffing Brush

This brush is ideal when using cream or liquid products and buffing it into the skin. The soft synthetic bristles don’t allow the creams or liquids to stick onto the brush so they deposit a good amount of coverage onto the skin.

Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush

This brush and the one below are game-changers when it comes to applying blush! Let me start by saying that I love blush, but not a lot of it. I like for it to seamlessly blend in with my bronzer and this brush (plus the one below) does just that. I’m referring to both because I use them interchangeably; this one is just a bit smaller so you can use it if you have a smaller frame. I just use whichever one I get my hands on first.

P.S. I also use this for highlighting.

Kumadori Powder Brush

As I mentioned above I love this brush for blush but I also love it for applying loose & pressed powder. Just like all the other Kumadori brushes it gives me a flawless application and blends like a dream!

Kumadori Fan Brush

Last but not least we have this slim fan brush for highlighting. To be completely honest, I don’t use this brush often only because I’m not a fan brush fan. I always use tapered fluffy brushes (like the Contour & Highlight one above) to apply and blend out my highlighter. I have definitely tried this one and its just as amazing as all the other brushes in the collection but I rarely use it due to my personal preference. BUTTTTTT if you are a fan brush user give this baby a try 🙂

Side Note: Ulta is currently having a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sale on all Japonesque products so hurry while the offer lasts.



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