How To Keep Straight Lashes Curled All Day

Do you have straight lashes lashes that just will not curl? Even when you use an eyelash curler? How about a primer?


That’s the secret beauties, PRIMER! But, not just any primer. I found ya’ll a drugstore eyelash primer that holds all day and doesn’t crumble. Check it out…

Step 1: Curl your lashesthis is my favorite curler, I’ve had it for years and it works like a charm!

Step 2: Prime your lashes with Covergirl.

Step 3: Apply mascara– my Rodial mascara is my ride or die!

Step 4: Enjoy your gorgeous curled lashes all day!

This routine is the only thing that keeps my lashes lifted and gorgeous all day. If I feel like I want more oomph then I’ll wait for my mascara to fully dry and I’ll curl the lashes one more time. Usually, I only do this when I have heavier makeup on because false lashes are NOT my jam.

P.S. THIS is how straight my lashes are…

I know, I know really depressing but it’s okayyyy because I’m a beauty junkie and I’ve figured out the secret to life. I mean lashes 😂

Talk soon babes!



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