Holiday Gift Guide: New Home

It’s the FOURTH day of my 12 day gift guide series and I hope I still have your attention haha. This guide is going to be catered to anyone moving (or has moved) into a new home. Moving into a new environment calls for some major clean-out. Out with the old and in with the new. But also, most people don’t know what to get since there are so many new gadgets and supplies on the market. I’ve come up with a list of goodies that I personally love and would gift any new mover on my holiday list.

Here is my guide to getting the perfect gift for someone with a new home for the holidays:

16 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: New Home

  1. Ok I just bought a house last year and I’m still buying things to furnish it. The rack for skillets caught my eye! And who doesn’t love Chrissy Tiegens cooking book?! Xoxo

    1. I used to have a rack like that and I loved it!!!!! So useful! & yes who doesn’t love Chrissy haha

  2. I seriously want to add all of this to my Christmas list! I’ve been in my first apartment for a good while now but I still feel like I could use most of not all of this- especially for the kitchen! Great post!

    1. Thanks Lauren, I highlight suggest the pasta strainer, the Oxo tools (omg amazing quality), wine opener (so easy to use), and the onion chopper. I use these things all the time!

  3. Yeah you still have my attention! Moving for me was super hard mostly bc i was moving frim mexico to texas so i was super worried about all of my things.

  4. Good morning! We JUST PCSed (military move) This would be perfect for our new home!i am LOVING all of your choices!!

  5. You have some really good ideas and not so great for my amazon account. Lol

    Does the pan rack take up a lot of room or do you find it more efficient?


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