Girlactik Eye Glaze Swatches, Review, & Coupon Code!

If you guys have been following my Instagram (or blog) for a while then you already know how I feel about the brand Girlactik. I absolutely love their beauty products! Their matte lip paints are my #1 favorite thing about them but then there’s also their Face Glow’s, BB Creams, Eye Shadows, and pretty much everything else!

Today I have swatches and a review on their eye glazes…ALL COLORS!

I have been using these eye glaze’s for a while now and I love it! They are such an easy alternative to shimmer shadows because there’s no fall out and you don’t have to use another product (such as glitter glue) to bind the shimmers together. My technique of applying it is simple as well. I like to apply the product applicator directly onto my lid, then blend it out with my fingers. I find that a synthetic brush takes in too much product and gives a patchy application; so fingers work best in my opinion. If you just dab the product around you can move it anywhere around your lid. Although this product doesn’t move or crease once it’s dry, I still recommend using an eye primer underneath it to ensure it’s durability.

Below I have swatches of all eight colors in natural light w/o flash and in natural light w/ flash. Keep in mind that the colors may look different depending on your skin tone.

In Natural Light W/O Flash! Top to Bottom: Sexy, Night, Fierce, Chic, Glamour, Shine, Shimmer, & Glam



In Natural Light W/ Flash! Top to Bottom: Sexy, Night, Fierce, Chic, Glamour, Shine, Shimmer, & Glam

You can purchase these products & more on Girlactik

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Also, if you spend $75 or more you get a free Girlactik product 🙂

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!




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