Does Lip Contouring Work?

Lip contouring has been a trending topic in the beauty community for months now. It’s a technique that has everyone jumping on the band wagon, but does it really work? Can you really draw a few lines on your lips to defy its natural appearance?

Here’s the problem…

Almost everybody is doing it WRONG!

All the trending videos and pictures I’ve seen on social media have been of people lining the crap out of their lips then applying the same colored lipstick. Umm, excuse me but how is that supposed to change the appearance of your lips? IT DOESN’T!

Below is a an example of how “contouring” your lips then applying a similar colored lipstick does absolutely nothing.

lip contouring

Do you see how the contour lines completely disappear because I applied a similar colored lipstick?

Now let me show you the correct way to contour your lips for a poutier effect…

lip contour correct

I merely lined my lips with a lip liner about 2 shades darker than my natural lip shade, then I applied a sheer gloss. With this technique your contour lines don’t go to waste, they actually contribute to the illusion of larger lips.

Another mistake most women make is contouring with dark contour shades (e.g. the ones you use for your face) instead of lip liners. Just as you would choose a contour shade according to your skin tone you do the same when it comes to your lips, you pick according to your lip tone.

If you are wondering what the best lip pencil is for your lip tone, then refer to the chart below.

lip liner guide

Top – Bottom:

Gerard Cosmetics “Nude”

MAC “Stripdown”

Makeup Forever “Beige Brown”

NYX “Ginger & Nutmeg”

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