Coffee Table Books You’ll Actually Enjoy

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Books in order from top:
Capture Your Style
Love x Style x Life
In The Company Of Women
Tom Ford

If you’re a decor fanatic like me then you can’t stand having an empty or un-decorated coffee table. Although having a toddler at home makes it near impossible to put anything on the coffee table except for cars and teddy bears, I still style it up for my own sanity. LOL.

Candle | Diffuser

I love a good book as we all know by now but I also love a good coffee table book. Yes, there’s a difference. Most books are meant for reading, but coffee table books are perfect for a quick skim. I mean let’s be real, guests aren’t going to sit around and read a novel.

Here are some coffee table books you + your guests will love…






Hope you guys enjoyed this post, have fun decorating!


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