Sephora Sale Must Haves

It’s that time of year again, the long awaited Sephora Sale!

This is when we restock on our favorites and purchase the items we keep adding and removing from our cart. You know, the ones that hike up your total so you convince yourself you can live without it. Trust me I ain’t no millionaire, I know how this goes!

I just placed my order and here’s what I got:

+ a bunch of new rewards goodies.

BTW, did you guys know every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am they add a $100 gift card to the rewards bazaar for every 2,500 points. The bad news is it’s first come first serve so it goes away pretty quickly. I missed my time slot by checking out at 10:30am yesterday but I’m going to put an alarm to try Tuesday morning. I’ll report back on IG.

My haul wasn’t that exciting, but it normally isn’t as a beauty blogger since we get sent most of this makeup right when they launch. With this fabulous advantage we get to try everything and see what’s good and what’s not. It’s amazing for all of you because I really know my sh*t 😉

Everything I mention below are products I’ve actually tried and loved. If you want specifics for certain products then comment below and I’ll let you know (i.e. what my fav shades are for MJ gloss).

Let the shopping begin!

Here are my favorite products that I’ve tried & love















The sale ends May 6 so you have a few more days to shop. Here are the coupon codes for every beauty insider level…


How To Keep Straight Lashes Curled All Day

Do you have straight lashes lashes that just will not curl? Even when you use an eyelash curler? How about a primer?


That’s the secret beauties, PRIMER! But, not just any primer. I found ya’ll a drugstore eyelash primer that holds all day and doesn’t crumble. Check it out…

Step 1: Curl your lashesthis is my favorite curler, I’ve had it for years and it works like a charm!

Step 2: Prime your lashes with Covergirl.

Step 3: Apply mascara– my Rodial mascara is my ride or die!

Step 4: Enjoy your gorgeous curled lashes all day!

This routine is the only thing that keeps my lashes lifted and gorgeous all day. If I feel like I want more oomph then I’ll wait for my mascara to fully dry and I’ll curl the lashes one more time. Usually, I only do this when I have heavier makeup on because false lashes are NOT my jam.

P.S. THIS is how straight my lashes are…

I know, I know really depressing but it’s okayyyy because I’m a beauty junkie and I’ve figured out the secret to life. I mean lashes 😂

Talk soon babes!



My Entire 2018 List of Favorite Things

TWO days until New Years, where did the time go????? Tell me you don’t feel this way every time the new year rolls around?!

It’s crazy how fast life passes us by and how things evolve, like my taste in products or even my new sense of makeup style. With every passing year I reflect on life, my accomplishments, my career goals, my mom goals, literally everything! I even reflect on my favorite things, things I haven’t been able to stop using or raving about. I rounded them all up and listed them below. Be sure to comment some of your favorite 2018 items in the comments below…enjoy!

Oh, and don’t forget to use Ebates for cashback

+ ride or die cream bronzer

+ #1 everyday face tint

+ everyday nude lip– “Nude Beach”

+ most used lip gloss + topper

+ jade roller

+ full brow kit

+ most used palette

+ lightweight hair dryer that dries 50% faster

+ heat resistant styling gloves

+ favorite moisturizer of 2018

+ best new face mask (worth the hype!)

+ Too Faced ride or die primer

+ the mascara I’ve re-purchased 3 times this year

+ highlighter I’ve been using all year (no joke)

+ Elcie glow enhancer (mixes great with any foundation or cream product)

+ my everyday black jeans

+ winter jacket

+ cozy loungewear 

+ everyday slippers

+ fav sandal heels

+ my everyday purse 

+ fav t-shirt

+ best black blazer (everyone needs one)

+ comfy/stretchy white jeans 

+ cotton undies 

+ Sloan trousers for every body shape

+ black leggings (best ever!)

+ high rise sheer tights tummy control (life changing)

+ cat eye sunglasses (only $9)

+ Nespresso machine 

+ Alexa smart speaker

+ pink cast iron for slow cooking

+ best smelling diffuser

+ electronic wine opener (best thing ever!)

+ pink mini fridge

+ huge black frames 

+ Oxo containers + everyday necessities 

+ mini egg pan

+ pink latex gloves (for dishes)

+ clear jars for storing literally anything

+ marble slab 

+ plastic food covers

+ electric fly swatter (used this everyday in the summer)

+ XL aroma diffuser

+ the body wash I’ve been using since newborn age

+ best shampoo ever!

+ wearable blanket with sleeves & without 

+ flannel bed sheets

+ book shelf with a nook 

+ favorite book 

+ best bathtub + insert 

+ high chair

+ everyday dinnerware set

+ comfy cotton pjs

+ everyday learning kit 

+ music table

+ sleek diaper bag

+ chlorine & paragon free diapers 

Be sure to comment some of your 2018 favorites below and

Happy *almost* New Year!