Best Drugstore Concealer.

This swatch is shade “10-Light.” I use this shade to conceal and shade “01-Fair” to highlight.

Have you been on the market for a drugstore concealer and they are just not pigmented, crease, or simply DON’T WORK? Look no further, I have discovered the most amazing drugstore concealer, maybe ever?


Dear Maybelline,

THANK YOU from all beauty junkies worldwide for creating a creamy, perfectly opaque, creaseless, & affordable concealer!


All jokes aside, this stuff is amazing! If you have normal-dry under eyes this is going to be better than smearing a bunch of eye cream on before applying concealer. Trust me. I have gone through 2 tubes of this, and believe it or not I prefer it over my high-end concealers. It covers, it blends, and it gives a youthful glow. I mean common what more can a girl ask for?

ONE TIP: You must must must set this concealer if you want it to be creaseless, I prefer a loose setting powder (Laura Mercier).

Because the consistency is so creamy and blendable it is bound to crease, that is why setting it is crucial. You also don’t need too much of this, a thin layer is the perfect amount. Overloading on this product will increase the chances of it creasing that much more! Also keep in mind that this is not a heavy nighttime concealer. It is very lightweight and thus more appropriate for a “natural” makeup look.

Overall, it is definitely worth a try. It is only $6.99 *GASP* and most of the time you can find it on sale for even cheaper *GASP AGAIN*

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If you have this concealer comment below with your thoughts 🙂




3 thoughts on “Best Drugstore Concealer.

    1. Hello gorgeous,

      The Mac pro longwear is a lot thicker (not in a bad way) than the Maybelline which is more lightweight. I personally love them both but I would say the Maybelline is more of a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer 🙂

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