Becoming The Best Version Of You…

Recently I spoke to a group of women on the subject of helping other women, being confidence, and being a good person. Things I pride myself on being…helpful, confident, and a good person. But, I wasn’t always this way.

There was a point in my young adult life where I was negative, hateful, and jealous. Jealous that other people had better opportunities, hateful because my life wasn’t a certain way, and negative because I thought the world was ALWAYS against me. I ruined potential friendships and relationships because of this bad attitude I had let myself adapt and it was a vicious cycle I couldn’t break out of.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had moments we’re not proud of. We’ve all been mean and hurtful at some point, but when does it end? When do you look in the mirror and tell yourself that this is NOT who you want to be. That this behavior DOES NOT make you happy…when does it end?

It ends with YOU, just like how it started with you.

Only you can hurt or help yourself. Once I came to that realization, my life completely changed! Relationships blossomed, life became enjoyable, and I was happy. What I did was shift my mindset and my perspective and everyone around me noticed this change. They were receptive to this positive change because they preferred this version of me. I preferred this version of me! Why? Because no one likes a negative nancy and it takes more energy to be negative then to be positive.

It’s so exhausting being negative all the time.

Once I decided things needed to change that’s when the real work began. I started to work on myself, my image, my speech, my everything!!!! I learned not to be so temperamental and to think before I spoke, because my words were powerful and if I responded with my temper I could really hurt someone. I picked up on positive habits like dealing with negative situations with a grain of salt. I would deal with it and move on. I also started to educate myself on a more personal level. I read books on how to be more positive, I listened to motivational documentaries that spoke to me, and I started to implement productive habits into my daily routine.

But all this effort into improving yourself is useless if the people you associate with hold you back. If you have negative friends who drain your energy, if you have people who don’t want to grow personally, and if you have people who are constantly giving you a negative vibe. You need to get rid of these people, cut them off like you would a cheating boyfriend. Girl, bye!

Your tribe is your vibe.

The most powerful thing I started to notice once I changed my mindset and cut ties with people who held me back was that new people continually flowed into my life. But not just any people. Like-minded, strong, confident, and empowered women! Women I clicked with instantly, women who understood my passions, and women who helped me achieve so much more than I could have ever imagined.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Every up and every down has a purpose. You can’t appreciate success without having gone through the trials and tribulations, the obstacles, and the hardships.

If everything was handed to you it would have no value!

I’m a super creative and innately motivational person, I always have been. I am also very strong, independent, and confident in who I am. I am educated, I can think for myself, and I am a really good person. I treat people how I want to be treated. I have common sense, respect, and I know when to lead and when to step back. I have acquired all these skills with years of self work and believing in myself!

Women are often undermined in the workplace, at home, and in life. Do you know why? Because we let it happen!

If you speak up for yourself then you will be heard. If you love yourself, you will be loved. If you respect yourself, YOU WILL BE RESPECTED! It all begins and ends with YOU. You are the common denominator in every situation because you have all this control! How powerful is that? Once you come to terms with all this power you have you’ll start to use to towards being the best version of you in life and in business!

Here are some resources that have helped me and I hope they’ll help you:




Quotes I love:

Save this onto your phone and refer back to it anytime you need some motivation!

I hope this blog post motivates you in some way to better yourself and be the version of you you’ll always be proud of.


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