5 Products I Regret Buying!

I am definitely not one to “hate” a product but these 5 items just don’t do it for me.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, so what does not work for me might work for YOU!


I am such a fan of the Beauty Blender solid cleanser (it cleans my BB the best!) that I decided to try the liquid version. BIG MISTAKE! First, I hate the pump it comes with because it doesn’t dispense enough product. Second, you need half the liquid in the bottle to actually clean your sponge. Basically, it’s useless for actually cleansing your sponge. Unless, you plan to use it only twice #wasteofmoney.


I purchased this Too Faced Born This Way  foundation over the weekend thinking I would try something new since I mainly use my beloved Luminous Silk. Unfortunately, this broke me out SO BAD I wanted to crawl under a rock & CRY!!!! I mean legit blemishes all over my face, and I had a filming commitment that following week so I immediately went into panic mode and applied my Mario Badescu spot treatment to reduce the swelling and dry out the sucker. This stuff really did something crazy to my skin and I never break out!


I know that the entire world is on a MAC “Soft Ochre” kick, but count me out. I have given this product so many chances and every time it disappoints. I’m not one to have dry eyelids and somehow this product always gives me dry patches. Now Mr. Ochre is sitting in my vanity waiting for one of my girlfriends to grab him.


I wanted to love this product SO bad because I am such a fan of the HD foundation, so I gave it a few test runs but it just did not work with me. It creased horribly, I hated the consistency and it made me look 10 years older because it was so drying. Like, no thanks! I’ll just stick to my Urban Decay Naked & Maybelline Fit me.


The most useless non-pigmented highlighter on the market. Period. End of story.

Leave me a comment down below with a product you regret buying.

Talk soon!



How To Pack Your Makeup Kit

As most of you know I am a traveling makeup artist, so I decided to film how & what I pack every time I have clients.

I posted the video on YouTube so be sure to watch & subscribe 👍🏻

mua checklist

This checklist is an easy guide you can use while packing your kit just to ensure you never forget anything. I like to open it up on my phone or iPad and go over everything while I pack.


This is the train case I use from Burman Industries and I bought mine at Naimies Beauty Center in LA for about $50 with my Pro Discount, I also think it was on sale. I couldn’t find it on the Naimies website but I found it on the BI website…HERE

Here are some less expensive options: Option 1 & Option 2

Here are a few staples that I always have in my kit:

Scandinavia Bridal Setting Spray
MAC Mineralize Charged Water
JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch Blush
Pur Minerals Disappearing Ink Concealer
Swirl & Sparkle x fortheloveofmakeupbaby Brush Cleanser
Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Girlactik Face Glow in “Natural”  Use code: Greta15 for 15% off
Too Faced Primed and Powerless Primer
Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette
Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish 24Hr Shadow Primer
Frankie Rose Eye Pencil
Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette
Vera Mona Color Switch Solo
Shadow Shields
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara
Disposable Mascara Applicator Wand
Alcohol Prep Pads


I hope you guys enjoyed this post & my video!!!!



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Watermelon + Feta Salad

Before we get started, I would like to welcome you all to my very first food post. Most of my longtime followers & friends know how much I love cooking and preparing meals for my family, so this new section of my blog should come as no surprise.

Fun Fact:  I used to dream of being a chef and attending culinary school in Paris (dreamy right?).

Cooking is something that comes naturally to me, just like makeup. I never went to school for it, I don’t have a license of some sort to prove my talent, and I never really struggle with it. It’s something that’s just in me, if that makes sense. I did however learn the basics throughout the years from watching the Food Network Channel. I can watch their shows ALL DAY LONG! Some of my favorites are The Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and Chopped. I have learned so much over the years watching these woman cook and talk about food.

Now that you all know a little bit of background about my culinary self we can jump right into my succulent & refreshing Watermelon + Feta salad.


As surprising as it is, I absolutely hate mixing savory and sweet ingredients together. But when it comes to any kind of cheese, I make an exception. Watermelon and feta are a match made in heaven, you get a taste of sweet, tart, and salty all in one bite. Once you add mint that’s when the flavor profile changes into a plethora of freshness. These three ingredients are pretty much the basics of this salad but I’ve added in an extra special ingredient to add more depth & spice…


…can you guess what is is?








That is all you need for my 4 ingredient delicious Watermelon + Feta Salad!

watermelon:feta recipie.jpg

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Mother’s Day Giveaway!

One of the most special holidays is just around the corner, Mother’s Day. 

Every mother deserves to be spoiled and feel good about themselves, not only on Mother’s Day, but EVERY DAY! I’ve decided to put together a few of my favorite beauty products and gift it to one special mother. I truly wish I could gift every single mother something special because they all deserve it!



You get:

John Frieda Frizz Ease- Heat Activated Spray

Mally Beauty- Eyeshadow Palette

Sebastian Stylbird- Multi Benefit Hairspray

Beauty Blender- Blotterazzi

Burt’s Bees- Lip Shimmer

Rimmel London- “Oh My Gloss” Lip Gloss

Burt’s Bees- Lip Shine

Modish Polish- Nail Polish

Julie Hewitt- Cheek & Lip Shine

Mally Beauty- Brush

To enter this giveaway please make sure you meet/complete all of the following:

  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • Must be subscribed to my blog via email
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.40.48 PM.png
If you are on a mobile device this icon is at the bottom of this blog post. If you are visiting from your desktop then it is to the right of you, in the sidebar.










When you enter your email and click “Follow” you will receive a confirmation email. You MUST confirm the subscription to be eligible for the giveaway.

  • In the comment section below this post, tell me something special about the mother you are entering this giveaway for (i.e. My mother is an honorary veteran, my girlfriend is a mother who beat breast cancer, I am a mom of two who works 12 hour shifts every day etc).
  • You can only comment ONE time. If you make more than one comment you will be disqualified.


The winner will be chosen at random & announced Saturday, May 7th via email and in the comments section below!

Good Luck


Happy Early Mother’s Day!





When I first heard about BOXYCHARM I thought, oh great another subscription box that sends you samples. Then I found out you pay only $21/month and you get 5 full-sized beauty products. Mind blowing, right?! I have been a subscriber to Birchbox (hated it), Ipsy (didn’t like it), and Glossybox (no complaints). Currently, I am only subscribed to Boxycharm since it’s the only box that sends you full-sized items; you basically get triple for what you pay per month (each box is worth over $100).

Let’s unbox:


Each box comes with a card that includes all product info + prices.
Pur-lisse- Daily Lip Nourisher

First up, we have this Pur-lisse lip nourisher that can help moisturize your dry lips. It’s not like a cream or a balm but rather an oil, so a little bit goes a long way. I like to use this after scrubbing my lips in the shower or on top of a thick balm. Oils are usually meant to lock in moisture and if I feel like my lips are really really dry and I want to hydrate them overnight, I apply a thick balm and lock it in with this oily nourisher.

Blinc- Black Lash Primer

When I first applied this product on my lashes I thought it was just a mascara, but then I read that it was a lengthening and volumizing primer instead. But to be honest, you can totally use it as mascara. It kept my lashes curled all day, there was no fallout, and it is super black which I love. All you really need is a thin coat because it can get clumpy really quickly.

Anderson Lilley- Beach Butter Hand Cream

I am loving this buttery hand cream with subtle fragrant notes of musk & jasmine. It is kind of thick but penetrates into the skin fairly quickly, it smells AMAZING, and I love the simple chic packaging.

yourMinerals- Eye Shadow

This loose eyeshadow is such a unique color and I love the lightweight and finely milled texture that makes it really easy to work with. I personally prefer using a glitter glue with loose pigments and shadows, just to ensure they stay on and I don’t have any fallout. I also like to apply the product with my fingers and press it onto my lids. The pressing technique keeps from having any clumps of shadow and it applies a more pigmented & even layer of product.

Ofra Cosmetics- Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

I have heard so much about these liquid lipsticks, so I was pretty excited to get this in the box. The formula is a cream, not a liquid, and it dries to a matte finish. This color in particular has micro specks of glitter that give a subtle sparkle. Note that if you apply more than 2 coats the lipstick will become very drying on the lips and extremely sticky, so stick to 1-2 thin coats. That should be easy since the lipstick is very pigmented and lasts a long time with no transfer.

That is it for my April Boxycharm unboxing 💁🏼

I truly LOVE this subscription box and I cannot wait to share my May goodies with you next month!

Join Boxycharm Now 🙂

If you are already a subscriber comment below with your thoughts of all the goodies from this month 👍🏻



Elcie – The Glow Enhancer

Who is Elcie, and what is the glow enhancer?

Elcie is a cosmetic brand created by renowned makeup artist, Lilit Caradanian. The name El-cie derives from her name and last name; “el” –L for Lilit and “cie” –C for Caradanian. Clever right? The brand launched their first makeup product, The Micro Silque Foundation, which I am currently writing a review on, a few months ago and it truly lives up to the hype. Personally knowing Lilit I know that everything she puts her hard work into is always a success, so there was no doubt that her newly launched Glow Enhancer would be the same.

The Glow Enhancer is a dry face oil that provides hydration and a supple glow to the skin. It can be mixed in with your foundation or used to prep the skin prior to applying foundation. It can also be used on its own, no makeup required, to give your skin that I just came back from St. Tropez glow. Who doesn’t want that? Do you want to hear the best part. It is for both dry & oily skin! Brace yourselves oily-skin ladies, because you heard me correctly. The Jojoba oil inside the Glow Enhancer is intended to keep your sebums from overproducing oil, so you don’t get oily throughout the day AND you get a glow…JACKPOT!

All you really need is about 2-3 drops of this oil in your foundation or on your skin, remember a little goes a long way.

The oil contains little particles of gold to truly give your skin a gorgeous glow.

You can purchase & get extra information about this amazing product on the Elcie website. Be sure to pick up a foundation as well, you won’t regret it.

🌟Glow Away 🌟