5 Products I Regret Buying!

I am definitely not one to “hate” a product but these 5 items just don’t do it for me.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, so what does not work for me might work for YOU!


I am such a fan of the Beauty Blender solid cleanser (it cleans my BB the best!) that I decided to try the liquid version. BIG MISTAKE! First, I hate the pump it comes with because it doesn’t dispense enough product. Second, you need half the liquid in the bottle to actually clean your sponge. Basically, it’s useless for actually cleansing your sponge. Unless, you plan to use it only twice #wasteofmoney.


I purchased this Too Faced Born This Way  foundation over the weekend thinking I would try something new since I mainly use my beloved Luminous Silk. Unfortunately, this broke me out SO BAD I wanted to crawl under a rock & CRY!!!! I mean legit blemishes all over my face, and I had a filming commitment that following week so I immediately went into panic mode and applied my Mario Badescu spot treatment to reduce the swelling and dry out the sucker. This stuff really did something crazy to my skin and I never break out!


I know that the entire world is on a MAC “Soft Ochre” kick, but count me out. I have given this product so many chances and every time it disappoints. I’m not one to have dry eyelids and somehow this product always gives me dry patches. Now Mr. Ochre is sitting in my vanity waiting for one of my girlfriends to grab him.


I wanted to love this product SO bad because I am such a fan of the HD foundation, so I gave it a few test runs but it just did not work with me. It creased horribly, I hated the consistency and it made me look 10 years older because it was so drying. Like, no thanks! I’ll just stick to my Urban Decay Naked & Maybelline Fit me.


The most useless non-pigmented highlighter on the market. Period. End of story.

Leave me a comment down below with a product you regret buying.

Talk soon!



4 thoughts on “5 Products I Regret Buying!

  1. Thanks for the review. I hated the Born This Way foundation as well and it wasn’t full coverage and by skin also broke out, but more with dry patches. And I LIVE my Fit Me concealer. I’ve gotten all my friends to switch. 🙂

  2. You know I felt the same way about the MAC SOFT OCHRE I started using it using a concealer brush and I found myself getting dry patches when the brush would get stiff so I tried a diffrent brush and it kinda help,until then I gave up and started using my finger and it hasn’t gave me problems now ,although when I’m not moisturized I feel it tacky .but I feel soo manyid primers do this to me don’t u ?

    1. I’ve always used my fingers and it just never worked for me. As far as the tacky feeling you get I honestly never get that from the 2 eye primers I currently use. I love the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the Smashbox 24 hour one…no problems at all!

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