10 Household Products That Will Simplify Your Life

Here’s a topic you don’t read about often – household products. Most of us move into a new home and purchase what we have been using our whole lives, which is basically what our parents used. I’m here to tell you there’s a whole new world of goodies out on the market that will make cleaning your house simple. Aghhhh, that amazing 6-letter word we all like to hear…S-I-M-P-L-E!

Lets get started!


Gloves are a must have in my house, I cannot wash dishes without them. One, because I wash dishes in boiling hot water. Two, because I’m disgusted. Three, because it protects my hands from the water (I’m not trying to have old granny hands by 30, TYSM). What I love about these is that the inside is lined with some sort of soft material that makes it so comfortable to wear. It also protects my hands from the heat, my hands never get sweaty in these gloves, and they don’t smell like rubber. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they are a pastel pink color 🙂 I always buy a 6-pack (size Medium) from Amazon so I never have to worry about running out. Trust me when I say once you use these, you will never use anything else.


These Plink balls are a necessity if you use your garbage disposer. I use them once a week or right after I’ve dumped A LOT of food in the disposer that day. All you do is keep the hot water and disposer running for a few minutes so that all the food is gone, then you throw one of these little balls inside and wait 1-2 minutes before you turn the disposer and water off. You’ll be rewarded with an instant fresh lemon scent that will linger throughout the whole kitchen. No more smelly kitchen sinks!


These Sani Sticks are another necessity because no one wants to have a backed up sink. You use one stick every month to keep your pipes odor free and clear. Best preventative step to not having any sink issues. One stick a month keeps the plumber away, YAY!


Are you a dishwasher girl like me? Then you need this Jet-Dry rinsing aid, like yesterday. Your plates, glassware, and stainless steel appliances come out of the dishwasher looking brand spanking new with this stuff. Jet-dry never leaves any residue and everything is always shiny, it’s the best.


I have the Breville juicer so I bought these Clean AND Green bags with it and it makes cleanup so much easier. The one thing I don’t like about these is that it’s so thin that it tends to rip so I would even try using a small garbage bag (like the ones you use for small wastebaskets…I get mine from the dollar store). However, I like the idea of it since I am a big juicer. You basically put it where the pulp gathers and this way you don’t even need to clean that container. Once you are done juicing you just throw away the bag with the pulp and the container always stays clean, simple.


I love this Clorox Cleaner AND Bleach for any of my appliances that have tough stains (including my pots and pans; I only use this on my stainless steel ones though). I mainly use this when there’s food stuck on the bottom of the pan, if the pan gets burn marks, or tough grease stains. Keep in mind if you are using it on your cookware then you should go over it with hot water and dishwashing soap once the stains are gone so that there are no chemicals left inside. I also swear by the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. I use them when my stove gets dirty, when I need to clean after the dog, when I clean the bathrooms, etc. It’s so much easier because they are wipes so I don’t have to spray and then clean with a paper towel.


My Snapfam knows that these food cover-ups are literally my life. I have boxes of them just in case I run out. You guys, these are husband proof cover-ups that will make storing your food that much easier. There are different sizes, which make them that much more convenient, and they come in a pack of 20 for only $1. I even use them to cover my cheeses (so they don’t dry out) and halved avocados. You can find these at any dollar store.


This Magic Glass Drying Towel is truly magic. Again, my Snapchat followers have seen me demonstrate how incredible this towel is and how it cleans all glassware within seconds, leaving them shiny and looking brand new. I used to use microfiber or just regular kitchen towels when drying my glassware until I realized these towels all leave spots and they take forever to dry one glass. I also use this towel to clean my mirrors, any furniture that’s super shiny, and even my TV because it never leaves residue like paper towels or microfiber towels. I literally have four of these towels lying around my house and every time someone comes over and uses it they fall in love.


Cheap and convenient? YES PLEASE! Food Clips are so useful, I guarantee you will use them all the time. I use them for sealing anything opened that can get stale, dry out, or even spill (opened bag of chips, cereal, etc).


Before you judge this product, hear me out. I used to think people who used this Veggie Wash were so dramatic and that fruits and vegetables can be washed like how everyone else in the world washes them, with just water! Well, I was wrong. This product washes away all the waxes and chemicals your produce is sealed with and you immediately feel the difference in the texture. You can even use it for herbs and berries too, you just fill your bowl with water and spray some of this in the water. The best part is it’s an all natural spray using ingredients from citrus, corn and coconut to remove harmful substances.



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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely gonna pick up some of those gloves and the veggie wash spray 👍

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